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Welcome to Mrs. Shaffer's and Mrs. Shen's 3rd grade class! Please hit subscribe to the right so you can receive our class updates via email.

Recent Posts

We had such a fun day with the naturalists!  The students got to crack and grind acorns, make bowls from rocks, make rope from a yucca plant, try to start a fire with a wooden spindle (don't worry--they didn't succeed:)), and make a necklace decorated with pictographs.  It was a hands-on day of learning!!
There was a whole lot of crazy hair happening in Room 9 today!  Way to go earning this prize!!  We are at $99/lap!  The students earned a homework pass, and we are only one dollar away from our next prize--Silent Speed Ball in the classroom!  
We have been having fun with Kahoot!  Kahoot is a fast-paced, interactive way to review topics.  Students are partnered up and have 20 seconds to answer each question.  Students receive immediate feedback, so they know if they answered correctly.  Today, we reviewed geography vocabulary to help get everyone ready for Thursday's quiz!
We had a wonderful time at the Chumash Museum!  We got to explore a Chumash village replica, make an abalone shell necklace, and see many interesting artifacts in the museum.  To see all of the pictures from our trip, click on the photo album link.  
We met our Study Buddies this week!  Our third graders get paired up with a kindergarten student from Mrs. Roll's class.  Throughout the year, we will get together to enjoy shared activities!
We started our world map group project today!  Groups were given a blank piece of paper that they need to transform into the world!  This requires good communication and collaboration.  I will post more pictures as they progress through the project!
The students had a great time reviewing their grammar unit today!  Using the Adobe Spark video making app, groups were assigned the task of making an instructional video about a topic from the unit.  Students used pictures, text, and voice to create short videos that we will watch next week to help us prepare for our grammar quiz! 
Centers are in full swing here in Room 9!  This week, the students will get to enjoy both language arts and math centers.  During language arts centers, the students are working on writing their five-paragraph autobiographical narratives, practicing grammar concepts on IXL, using a QR code scanner on the iPods to practice types of sentences, and reading pourquoi tales in guided reading while focusing on elements of plot.  The students seem to be having a blast--and learning a lot along the way!  Thank you to our parent volunteers who help make centers possible!!
Happy Friday!  Please ask your child about our awesome assembly this afternoon.  Brooks Gibbs shared some great ideas on how to deal with situations when others are trying to hurt your feelings or bother you.  His website, is a great resource to find techniques in dealing with this type of situation.  We also explained to our students that they cannot control what other people do or say, they can only control how they react to others.  Let's all be kind to each other!  Have a wonderful weekend!
Today, we learned about prepositional phrases.  In order to get some extra practice with the concept, the students flew paper airplanes!  They recorded where their planes landed using prepositional phrases.  Grammar is fun!
For our Jumpstart this morning, we focused on fluency.  Students worked with partners and read passages from Miss Rumphius.  They worked on reading with accuracy, expression, a reasonable rate, and attention to punctuation.  We will practice fluency throughout the year.  It's such fun to hear our students grow and develop as readers throughout third grade!
Students completing work
This week, we have been enjoying the book Miss Rumphius.  The students worked in small groups to illustrate vocabulary words from the story and started their first scrapbook page of the year!