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Last Day of School June 7 - 12:30 Dismissal all grades      5th grade Culmination 8:30 am

MATES Community Network

MATES Community Network (MCN) is the MATES parent teacher organization. Membership is open to any parent or guardian of a MATES student as well as MATES students, teachers and staff. Membership is FREE. The MCN is similar to the PTA structure, but has the flexibility of being independent from a national organization. That flexibility gives MCN more opportunities for fundraising than a traditional PTA.

Along with our commitment to excellence, the MCN has planned a year of exciting programs that can only be found at MATES! While many schools have lost funding for even basic programs, MATES continues to expand the opportunities we offer our students. With your continued support, MCN is able to:

  • Fund programs for our students and families (see side bar)
  • Provide funds for classroom supplies
  • Support the library
  • Fund ongoing technology upgrades including laptops/iPads
  • Purchase school committee wish list items
  • Make a significant cash donation to MATES for campus and technology improvements

None of this would be possible without the support of our generous MATES families! 
We are asking for your family to give a personally meaningful donation by becoming a MATES Donor today. Every contribution, no matter the amount, will be acknowledged, appreciated and honored.


Visit the MCN website and the MCN Facebook page for more information! THANK YOU for supporting MATES!