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The 3rd-5th grade Core Values Assembly will be held Tuesday, March 26th at 8:30 a.m.

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  • Letter Q Song

    Uploaded Mar 18, 2019by Julianne Roll
  • “Come” Sight Word Song

    Uploaded Mar 11, 2019by Julianne Roll
  • Letter U Song

    Please have your child bring something for Mystery Bag this week that either starts with or has the short /u/ sound as in umpire, uncle, or bus, bug, etc.

    Uploaded Mar 11, 2019by Julianne Roll
  • Letter Uu song

    Please bring a Mystery Bag item with the short /u/ as in umbrella, umpire!

    Uploaded Mar 11, 2019by Mrs. Gavin & Mrs. Glazer
  • 2:51 All About Penguins

    A few weeks ago was our penguin week and the students helped me create this video with facts to share with each other and their audience. I had four different groups each learn about one type of penguin. We then did a “research project” where we read and discussed what the penguin looked like including any special features they have, where their habit is, and any other unique facts about them. Then each group worked together to share facts while I filmed with a green screen. This video then taught all of the students different facts about four of the 17 types of penguins. We hope you learned something new about our little black and white (and sometimes yellow crested) bird friends down south!

    Uploaded Mar 10, 2019by Julianne Roll
  • “We” Sight Word Song

    Uploaded Mar 06, 2019by Julianne Roll

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