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Join us for our monthly Directors' Dialogue Friday, October 6th at 8:15 am.

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  • Letter A Song

    This week we are focusing on “short a"! Please have your child bring in something that either starts with the short a sound or has the short a sound in it. Examples: apple, astronaut, cat, hat, bat, pan, etc.
    Please note that we are saving “long a" for next week (alien, skate, cake, etc)

    Uploaded Oct 16, 2017by Julianne Roll
  • Letter of the Week: Aa!

    We are learning all about the short sound of Aa this week! This video shows both short and long vowels-with /a/ in the middle of the word. For Mystery Bags, please help your child to find something that begins with the short /a/ (astronaut, apple, alligator) or an item that has short /a/ in the middle (cat, bat, pan).

    We will focus on the long /a/ next week!

    Our new words: go & to

    Uploaded Oct 16, 2017by Mrs. Gavin & Mrs. Glazer
  • 00:29 Abilities Awareness Fair

    Uploaded Oct 12, 2017by Julianne Roll
  • 00:15 Visiting Artist Series: Ruel Pascual

    Uploaded Oct 12, 2017by Chloé Dorgan
  • 00:17 Abstract Painting

    In "Advanced Sketchbooks" Friday Focus, we learned about the difference between abstract and representational art. Students listen to music and calmly work on their personal abstract painting on the back of their sketchbooks. They did an amazing job with discussion and in their artwork!

    Uploaded Oct 09, 2017by Chloé Dorgan
  • "Have" Sight word song

    Uploaded Oct 09, 2017by Sarah Meager

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