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Open Enrollment for the 2019-20 school year has begun.  All applications are due by 4 pm February 22nd.   -- Join us Thursday, January 31st for our annual Winter Art Gallery 6-8 pm in the MPR.


Gavin Taylor is a first grade teacher at MATES. For his undergraduate degree, he attended the University of California at Davis and graduated with a B.S. in Managerial and Agricultural Economics. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, and studying abroad at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, Gavin obtained a Masters of Arts in Education and Teaching Credential from Pepperdine University. He began his teaching career at Meadows Elementary School teaching 4th and 5th grade; he spent his first four years of teaching at Meadows Elementary. In addition to teaching, he enjoys traveling, music, cooking, baking, and spending time with friends and his dogs: Louie and Maggie. He is excited and honored to be working at MATES and is thrilled with the collaboration between students, parents, and staff. He is looking forward to another wonderful year at MATES!


Recent Posts

Thank you for your support of the Apex Fun Run! The kids had a fantastic time running today; everyone ran over 30 laps today! Wow!
Tonight is the last night to earn pledges for the school. We will be having our dance party tomorrow with our Apex team. Our team is trying to reach our final goals by tomorrow:
$120/lap = popcorn & movie
$140/lap = board game day
$160/lap = pizza party

Thank you so much for all your support during the Apex program! Our class had a great time in team training becoming STRONG. Now it is time for our Fun Run! The Apex Team reminded us to get a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated, have a healthy breakfast and wear tennis shoes tomorrow! All friends and family are invited to come and cheer on your child. Our team will be participating at 8:30 am TOMORROW, Thursday, November 8th!

There is still time to get any last pledges in to help our school and our classroom. As of today our class is at $118/lap, which means we are only $2/lap away from earning popcorn and a movie!

We can continue to earn pledges through tomorrow night, so reach out to anyone you think can help! Thank you for all your support!

We were the winners of last night's APEX share challenge, so we won the donut party! The Tigers were ecstatic! Thank you for your support in making the donut party happen!

In Sunshine Sara’s words, our team is officially STRONG! Today we learned step #6 in becoming STRONG leaders- being Grateful! We talked about appreciating the things we have and not comparing ourselves to anyone else! Rather than focusing on what we don’t have or want, we should focus on what we have! Ask your child what they see through their “grateful goggles”.

Thank you so much for all your support during the Apex program! Our class had a great time in team training becoming STRONG. Now it is almost time for our Fun Run! Our team will be participating in the Fun Run this Thursday, November 8th at 8:30 AM!

There is still time to get any last pledges to help our school and our classroom. As of today our class is at $103/lap, which means we have earned a dance party AND Popsicle and extra recess as a team!

Our goal is to get to at least $120/lap by tomorrow so we can earn popcorn and a movie as a team…there are a few other prizes at $140/lap (board game day) and $160/lap (pizza party), if we get there!

Here is tonight’s challenge-

Anyone that gets a pledge of $1/lap or more will be entered into a raffle to win a RC car or a lunchbox!

Race Day is almost in sight! Today the Apex team taught us step #4 in becoming STRONG leaders: learning how to Overcome. To overcome means to face challenges head on as we are confronted with them, keeping the mindset that we can endure and getting through it! No matter how difficult the obstacle, we must find a way to overcome.

Today we learned the double A rule: Attitude and Action! We learned that attitude is the way you think and feel, and action is what you do. With a positive attitude and immediate, appropriate action, STRONG leaders can overcome. Remember, leaders never quit!

As of today our class is at $47/lap. Our goal is to get at least $60/lap over the weekend so we can earn free center time as a team!

Here is the weekend challenge:

Out of state challenge: Whichever class has the most out of state pledges will win a PIZZA PARTY!!

PS Everyone enjoyed crazy sock day today! Thank you for your support!

clipart turkey
Save the Date!
The 1st graders will be performing a Thanksgiving play on Friday, November 16th at 10:30am with a delicious feast to follow! Stay tuned for more details about the feast and play.
Have a great weekend!
students in crazy hats
We had another exciting day filled with crazy hair and even crazier hats! Here's a picture of room 5 embracing the crazy hat and hair spirit! The kids had a blast dressing up! Thank you for your support!
REMINDER: tomorrow, Friday, 11/2, is Crazy Sock Day for room 5!
crazy socks
Wow! Way to go room 5 (again)! We are currently at $44/lap and have earned our next team prize...Crazy Sock Day tomorrow, Friday, November 2nd! Thank you for your support! The kids are very excited to celebrate another team prize!
Our next team prize is when we reach $60/lap, where we will earn Free Center Time!
Let's keep the fun going.
Halloween Party Photos
What an exciting day filled with costumes, treats, a party, and Halloween themed centers! The kids had a blast! Here are a few pictures from today's events. Thank you to everyone for making the wonderful treats possible; the kids really enjoyed the day!
Have a Happy (and safe) Halloween!
REMINDER: tomorrow, Thursday, 11/1, is Crazy Hair & Hat Day for room 5!
Way to go room 5! We are currently at $33/lap and have earned our first team prize...Crazy Hair & Hat Day tomorrow, Thursday, November 1st! Thank you for your support! The kids are very excited to celebrate.
Our next goal is $40/lap, where we will earn Crazy Sock Day!
Let's keep the fun going.
musical act list
This Saturday, October 27th, from 3-7 PM, is "MUSIC@MATES" day! The MATES 1st graders will be performing at 3:40 PM; please have all MATES students in the audience 15 minutes prior to their performance time (3:25 PM for your 1st graders).
Help us celebrate MATES' 10 year anniversary!
Full event information can be found at (search "Fall Festival").
book pictures
THANK YOU so much for your generosity in accruing new classroom library books! I appreciate your support in adding current literature into my ever-expanding library while supporting our MATES library at the same time.
I enjoyed meeting withe everyone this past week. Have a wonderful weekend!
Next week is parent/teacher conference week!
Just a reminder that dismissal is at 12:30pm every day. I'm looking forward to meeting with everyone!
Open House is TOMORROW, Thursday, May 24, 2018.

Join your safari guide for a fun adventure in room 5!
The classroom opens at 6:30pm. Be sure to check out the other activities beginning at 5:30pm.
Lion diorama
African animal dioramas are due Wednesday, May 23rd.
I can't wait to see what everyone has created!
Homework Reminder
This Monday, May 7th, animal reports are due.
Please include:
  • African animal notes
  • any articles downloaded from the computer
  • All books used (including Thousand Oaks Library books; they will be kept safe)
We will be using the above materials to write our animal report. 
Thank you!