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10 Questions With... » Mrs. Debbie Levitt

Mrs. Debbie Levitt

Mrs. Levitt returns to MATES as our PE Specialist. She is an athlete and a teacher.  She is an avid runner, skier, and cyclist. Mrs. Levitt competes and runs in many races every year, from Half Marathons to Ultra Marathons all over the USA.  She loves to run and work out daily and she also loves to volunteer and work with children. 

She earned a BS in Mathematics from UCLA. 

Mrs. Levitt began working at Meadows in 1999 and became the PE Specialist in 2004. She has been a primary PE Specialist for the past 13 years in the Conejo Valley Unified School District. She is a trained Sparks Star PE Teacher with many additional Sport and PE certifications. 

She teaches PE with active participation and positive reinforcement. 

Her goal for the Mates PE program is to have healthy and active students who are engaged in Sports and movement and are having fun learning and being active. For the 5th grade students, she will have them prepared and confident for the middle school program. 

Mates is her home school. Her daughter attended Meadows, and she has a wonderful attachment to this school and the devoted staff and amazing students who go and have gone here. 

She is very happy to be back at Mates as the PE Specialist. 

What is your goal for students?  My goal for the students is to have fun being active, learn some new skills, and discover sports and activities that they enjoy.
What is your idea of happiness?  My idea of happiness is running anywhere near the ocean.
What is your favorite virtue?  My favorite virtue is righteousness, "Doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do".
What do you enjoy doing most in your off time? I most enjoy spending time in Mammoth with my family and friends and skiing top to bottom on the mountain.
What is your favorite color?  My favorite color is blue and my favorite flower is the Casablanca Lilly.
Do you have any pets? If so, What kind? I have 5 dogs. 2 mini dachshunds(Sage and Little Dude), 1 poodle mix( Butchy-Etta Lebron James aka Eddie), 1 cocker spaniel ( Sawyer), and 1 rescue mix ?( Peyton Manning Rose Levitt aka Puppy).
How do you define success? Success to me is being happy doing what you're doing.
Do you play a musical instrument? I played the piano when I was younger.
Who are your favorite musicians? My favorite musician is the band Coldplay, but I love all kinds of music.
What talent would you most like to possess? The talent I would most like to possess is the ability to be a good dancer.
What is your motto? My favorite motto is "All items must go"